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Product Description: Testosterone Mix5 400 – Proper Labs

Manufacturer Proper labs
Active ingredients Testmix5 400
dosage 10 ml each vial
Form  Injectables 
Category Injectable Steroids, Testosterone


This product is meant to be used only by persons who are 18 years and over. Please seek the advice of a healthcare provider before using any supplements or drugs. It may cause adverse side effects in cases of misuse or abuse. This description is provided as informational and does not replace the medical advice of professionals.

Manufacturer: Proper Labs


10 ml of Testosterone Mix5 400 is in each vial at a concentration of 4 mg /ml. The dosage may differ according to certain individual factors; therefore, the dose should be prescribed by a health-care provider.”


Proper Labs Testosterone Mix5 400 is an extremely active anabolic steroid, suitable for individuals suffering from primary or secondary testosterone deficiency and those using it to improve their athletic performance. This product is a combination of testosterone esters with a unique ratio that allows for the long-term release of testosterones.


Muscle Growth: 400 Testosterone Mix5 is useful as a muscle builder and has the capacity to increase the size of muscles. This characteristic makes it very popular with bodybuilders and athletes in their quest to improve their physique.

Improved Strength: Users can have enhanced power and endurance, which facilitates better results in exercise routines as well as sporting activities.

Enhanced Recovery: This product can help their ability to train more frequently by reducing the time it takes for recovery between intense training sessions.

Boosted Libido: Since testosterone is known to contribute towards sexual health, users may see improvements with regard to their libido and sex performance.

Side Effects:

A good thing would be knowing the side effects that can come from using Testosterone Mix5 400 meant for therapy. These may include but are not limited to:

Acne: Some people may have skin rashes.

Mood Changes: They have been linked to mood changes and increased aggression.

Cardiovascular Risks: A high concentration of testosterone may increase the chances of developing cardiovascular problems.

Hormonal Imbalances: This inappropriate use can interfere with normal hormone production.

If so, however distinct its effects could be at the level of individual consumers, you should consult your healthcare provider prior to use in order to find out whether it is safe for him regarding his diagnosis syndrome or state.

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